Hi, I'm Emile! My passion for the design process is shown through the determination in my work. I am consistently looking to challenge myself by taking on new projects, understanding the problem, raising the right question and finding iterative solutions functionally and in the final form. I am used to working on projects of different natures, and it is this diversification that stimulates me.

Versatility, adaptability, team spirit and good relationship with cool colleagues are crucial in my work. 

Besides design, I love to work out, explore everything around music and have fun with my friends & family.🤙







Industrial Designer at Above

Stockholm, Sweden

Sketch Assistant at Umeå University of Design

Umeå, Sweden

Organising and promoting sketch sessions for the school's various programmes. Teaching analogue sketch techniques with cool music.

Industrial Designer at Tomish Design

Lille, France

Freelance full-time [ work in a duo with the CEO for 6 months until sole responsibility for the next 6 months ]

Design Intern at Tomish Design

Lille, France

Design and production of a range of urbain furniture for the city of lille.

Design Intern at Quai Du Son 

Lille, France

Creating new high-end loudspeakers with the designer, starting from the sketch to the final product.





MFA - Advanced Product Design: Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden

Exchange semester: Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden 

BFA - Product Design: ISD - Institut Supérieur de Design, France