Voyage - Carving a new path 

Thesis project:


Before the smartphone era, the medium we used to listen to music held a special charm, mainly used by the music enthousiast. The streaming services era democratized access to music, people have access to more music than ever before.

However, the modern reliance on smartphones and streaming services introduces challenges such as decision paralysis and decreased engagement with music.

To create a future engaging music experience, it’s essential to re-engage users with music consumption through tangible interaction and mindful listening to create memorable experiences beyond convenience and abundance of choice.

Inspired by my love for music I dedicate my thesis to creating the next music listening experience for audiophiles. 

It was important for me to connect the physical world of hi-fi with the interaction that I was designing.

Imagine if you could physically flip the remote to reveal the credits, like on the top left video.
This remote should not feel like a traditional remote but more like an interface extension, with dedicated interaction.

What if you could filter your music by album colour?
This would not only help you find a specific song when you only recall the artwork, but it would also create a new way of browsing through your collection and bring back the surprise in the process.


Music is not only about interaction but also how it physically feels.
A big part of the project was to explore how to create new, emotions and feelings through materials and textures.


Voyage emphasizes the preciousness of music,
As well as the uniqueness of those natural elements.


Voyage uses projection so you can interact with it from anywhere in your living room.
But it’s not there if you don’t need it.